In 1976 our company started its activities in Izmir, Turkey. Our services were offered to our customers and continue with intelligent engineering solutions, high-quality production with multi skilled and trained staff. Until today, our company has improved by performing many productions; among the targets for every new day, increase the range of products has expanded its customer satisfaction & portfolio.

        Since 1976 our company produces Finned Tubes, Finned Tube Heat Exchangers, Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers. In these issues we have a good experience and reputation in Turkey. From the date of companies establishment, we always seek for a better outcome in our processes and try to meet the private demands of our customers also.

        Even our aim is to build a continuous improvement mentality internally in our porcesses and every work-flow  in 2005 Tetsa was ready to take a decision to be a corporate level company globally. 

        In the year 2009 targets, kick off building cooperation with abroad companies was the main aim for us and we achieved our goal with our ready-in-house staff. And now as an expanding Company we are happy to be a part of our developing country; TURKEY.  

        Our goals and values;

  • To meet the Customer needs with fast, effective and high quality solutions.
  • We always produce more better and quality products.
  • Our customers are important for us.
  • We create diversity.
  • We acquire the target to be a pioneer.
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