Our Finning Machine first gives full crimped form to the flat fin after this crimped fin is locked mechanically on the tube.

        It has the ability to make turbulence due to the nature of its structure. It is preferred to increase the heat conduction where it is poor like fume gases.
We advice hot dip galvanized application to our customers who prefer carbon steel tube and fin material.

        There are two main reasons for that: To protect the products against corrosion and to gain excellent heat conduction between tube and fin.

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Crimped Finned Tubes;
  • The cost is cheaper than L, LL and G Forms.
  • Resistance to the air is high.
  • Turbulence increases the heat conduction.

        To prevent against the dust and like dust, it is needed to make regular cleaning or use filter.

A.Dalgalı Form Kesik ÇizimB.Dalgalı Form Tam ÇizimC.Dalgali Form Teknik Çizim
Maximum Working Temperature For Carbon Steel 150ºC, Carbon Steel with Hot Dip Galvanized Application 360ºC
Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance Acceptable
Mechanical Resistance High
Fin Material Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel
Tube Material Any theoretical limit
Tube Sizes 16mm - 60.30mm
Fin Height 8mm – 20mm
Fin Pitch 2.5mm - 10mm

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