Continuous Helical "KL" Form

        The Knurked Footed fin is locked mechanically on the tube by our Finning Machine.

         Advantages and Disadvantages of KL Form Finned Tubes;

  • The connection of knurled footed fin and tube strengthen the mechanical bond.
  • It improves the heat conductivity efficiently.
  • There is no turbulence. For this reason, the noise of air is in low level.
  • Retaining dust and similar things is not available.
  • It is expensive than Crimped, L, LL and G Forms.

KL Form Kesik ÇizimKL Form Tam ÇizimKL Form Teknik
Maximum Working Temperature Aluminum and Copper 260ºC
Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance Acceptable
Mechanical Resistance High (Carbon Steel), Low (Copper and Aluminum)
Fin Material Copper and Aluminum
Tube Material Any theoretical limit
Tube Sizes 15.88mm – 50.80mm
Fin Height 6.35mm – 19.05mm
Fin Pitch 2.3mm - 4.23mm

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