Our Finning Machine first gives LL form to the flat fin after this LL fin is locked mechanically on the tube.

        We advice hot dip galvanized application to our customers who prefer carbon steel tube and fin material.
There are two main reasons for that: To protect the products against corrosion and to gain excellent heat conduction between tube and fin.

        Advantages and Disadvantages of LL Form Finned Tubes;

  • The cost is higher than Crimped, I, L and G Forms. But against its high cost, it gives high efficiency.
  • The fins are tightly locked mechanically on the tube by the help of its excellent design. Because of that LL Form Finned Tubes are more resistant to the heat cycle and high-speed air vibrations rather than L Form Finned Tubes.
  • There is no turbulence. For this reason, the noise of air is in low level.
  • They have used in corrosive environments and where the extruded finned tubes are more expensive in the application.
  • Retaining dust and similar things is not available.

LL Form Kesik ÇizimLL Form Tam ÇizimLL Form Teknik Çizim
Maximum Working Temperature Aluminum and Copper 130ºC, For Carbon Steel 176ºC, Carbon Steel with Hot Dip Galvanized Application 360ºC
Atmospheric Corrosion Resistance Acceptable
Mechanical Resistance High (Carbon Steel ), Low (Copper and Aluminum)
Fin Material Carbon Steel, Copper and Aluminum
Tube Material Any theoretical limit
Tube Sizes 17mm – 60.30mm
Fin Height 10mm – 16mm
Fin Pitch 2.5mm - 10mm

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