Heat Exchangers are the equipment units designed for efficient heat transfer from one environment to another. Generally in the applications; steam, hot oil, hot water, air, various steam and liquids passes through the inside and the outside of the heat exchanger tubes. Heat is transferred from hot fluid to cold fluid through the tubes.

        Our products are used in warming – cooling of the field, air-handling units, power plants, chemical facilities, petrochemical facilities, refineries, natural gas processing and drying systems applications.

To ensure the maximum efficiency in the design of Heat Exchangers, computer-aided design and computing systems with the latest version is used by a Professional Team.

Our company is produced three different types of Heat Exchangers within the National and International Standard Regulations since 1976.

  • Thermal Design
  • Mechanical Design and the Steel Structure of the Heads
  • Noise Level Predictions
    Preparation of the Specifications Page
  • Preparation of Drawings with the General Lines
  • Preparation of Offers
  • Price Forecasts

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