The Air-cooled heat exchanger is a device for rejecting heat from a liquid or gas directly to ambient air. The obvious advantage of an air cooler is that it does not require water, which means that equipment requiring cooling need not be near a supply of cooling water. The Air-cooled heat exchanger provides a means of transferring the heat from the fluid or gas into ambient air, without environmental concers, or without great ongoing cost. An Air-cooled heat exchanger can be as small as a car radiator or large enough to cover several acres of land.

       The applications for air cooled heat exchangers covers a wide range of industries and products, however generally they are used to cooler gases and liquids when the outlet temperature required is greater than the surrounding ambient air temperature.

       We produce the Air-cooled heat exchangers with the required design due to the demand of our customers within the National and International Standard Regulations.

       Application Fields

  • Gas Compressor Packages
  • Gas Transmission Facilities
  • Engine Cooling
  • Turbine Oil Cooling
  • Condensing of gases ( propane, refrigerants, etc. )
  • Steam Condensers ( used in power plants and process applications )
  • Bakeries to preheat ovens and provide steam for other equipment
  • Hospitals to provide steam for sterilization and for cooling high tech equipment that produces heat
  • Refineries
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Natural Gas Industry

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