All Thermal design is performed by our in-house Process Engineers, utilizing Aspen Tech and HTRI software and custom developed programming. We operate with the understanding that correct and thorough input is required for accurate results. Our engineers dictate the design based on experience and knowledge of thermal properties, using the software only as tool.

       We have the capability to design all major industrial shell and tube heat exchanger equipment, including single phase, multi phase, condensers, evaporators and specialty units. See our Capability page for a detailed list of services.

We can provide complete thermal design, rating or review your calculations to offer value engineering solutions


       Our engineers are experts in the design and mechanical optimization of heat transfer equipment. We have a thorough understanding of all applicable codes and design references including ASME, TEMA, API 660, API661 and are well versed in the interpretation of customer specifications.

       Tetsa has always been at the cutting edge of the adoption of the latest mechanical design software. At the early stages, we worked hand in hand with developers to provide input with regard to industry standards calculations and output format. This has helped to optimize the software still being used today.

       TETSA stands for customer satisfaction due to a consistently high quality of our products at a competitive price combined with short delivery time and high flexibility Made in Turkey.

       Thanks to 3D software, Tetsa can streamlines and accelerates the product development process for engineers who need to deliver innovative products in a collaborative environment. Besides, 3D software provides complete solution from CAM to CNC controller. In this way it is easy improve manufacturing productivity, including: 

  • Reduce CNC programming and machining time
  • Produce better quality parts
  • Maximize use of manufacturing resources



       When we receive your request, each unit is checked for consistency with the provided Datasheet or thermally rated if required. Our engineers review all specifications in detail, assuring that all project requirements are adhered to.

       Each Unit is then mechanically designed and independently priced using current material cost. If special material is required, we reach out to our community of vendors to request the market value price of those specific items.

       The bid package, including pricing, customer information and specification notes, mechanical calculations and if required, thermal rating and TEMA Datasheet is reviewed and signed off on by a Senior Executive at Tetsa prior to the submission of our bid.



  • Thermodynamic Calculation
  • Shell & Tube and Pressure Vessel Calculation
  • Equipment selection completed by technical specification, data sheets and BOM
  • Thermodynamic design
  • Minimum thickness determination
  • Check of the foundation loads subjected to its own weight and to the external loads due to wind, earthquake and snow, and the stability check of the same
  • Foundation drawings
  • Mechanical design (in accordance with ASME, API or EN codes) and drawings Stability check
  • Allowable loads on nozzles
  • -Piping Calculation
  • Pressure drop and sizing selection
  • Pipe stress analysis
  • Isometrics completed by BOM
  • Support selection and design
  • Technical specification
  • Data sheets

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